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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Little Collage about Me

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Welcome to RochelLeah's RealLife

(How to start?)

Inspired by a recent class in autobiography, the discovery that my sweetheart has a minimalist LiveJournal page, and the desire to pull myself out of the bad habit of writing only when depressed, I am embarking on a new Internet adventure. I'd like to welcome you to my new blog/journal/virtual RealLife.

(How real is RealLife? or real life?... must contemplate further.)

RochelLeah's RealLife is...
Rants, raves, reflections, and (self-)reflexivity from a surprisingly cheerful Ph.D. student in religion. Contemplations may refer to a rather checkered past that includes significant bouts of self-pity, depression, irrepressible and incomprehensible giggle-fits, irresponsible frolicking, and way too many years of psychotherapy for someone so young. Topics covered may include: writer's block, relationships (romantic and otherwise), the author's Jewish agenda, academia, the meaning of life, and fantasy knitting projects (since these projects most likely involve more time and skill than I can lend them).